November 16, 2017



Support these organisations, get beautiful handmade products and offer gifts that give twice and make a difference. Feel free to contact them directly or to go trough us ([email protected]), 100% of your price will go directly to the organisation.


Trade Name: Bebemoss
Legal Name: Sector 7 Prod Rekl ve org Ltd STI
Location: Istanbul
Contact Name: Izabela Ersahin

About the brand:Handmade, organic toys that are entirely handcrafted by a group of stay at home underprivileged mothers. While knitting bebemoss’ products they help to support their families. Each toy you purchase helps provide a steady job and revenue for those mothers. A community of about 80 mothers and within 25 Syrian refugee ones.

Example Products

Bebemoss loves to create personalised gifts and offers privet labelling. For corporate, wholesale or custom made orders contact here:

Big Friend Rabbit: Organic cotton yarn, Hand knitted, stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill, Age: 0-onwards, Length: 78 cm, conforms to CE standards on toy safety
Sale price: 229 TL (VAT included) (~50EUR)
Dumbbell Rattle: Handmade crochet baby rattle rabbit, dog and cat. The rattle contains two rattle balls to ensure a great sound and its vibrant colors and soft but textured touch will ensure your baby engagement and stimulation.
Sale price: 57 TL (VAT included) (~17EUR)
Leo the Lion: Organic cotton yarn, Hand knitted, stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill, Age: 0-onwards, Length: 35 cm, Conforms to CE standards on toy safety
Sale price: 184 TL (VAT included) (~40EUR)

Builders of the Future

Trade Name: Builders of the Future
Legal Name: Herkese Umut Derneği
Location: Istanbul
Contact Name: Razan Attasi

Our Story: We are based in Esenyurt, we are training young refugee girls between 14 and 22 years old in knitting and older women in sewing. The young girls have a safe space in our centres where they can come whenever they want. On Saturday, our trainers show them how to knit these beautiful products. They can work on it on their own time and always communicate with the trainer via whats app. The money you will donate for these dolls will go directly to the girls who have made it. She can then buy some school furniture or other things she needs.

Example Products

Foofy the sheep
Recommended donation Price: 25 TL (~6EUR)

16 cm

Recommended Donation Price: 30 TL (~6.5EUR)

Eddy is 32 cm
Sam is 14 cm

Recommended Donation Price: 55 TL and 17 TL (~12 and 3.7 EUR)


Trade Name: Cöp(m)adam
Legal Name: çöp(m)adam el ürun imalat turizm sanat ve dis ticaret ltd şti
Location: Istanbul
Contact Name: Tara Hopkins

Our Story: çöp(m)adam was started as a limited company for women who had never previously worked for salary, in the summer of 2008, with sponsorship from Sabanci University and Unilever. To date, we have worked with more than 400 women; making mostly useful always cool items from throw-away materials!

Example Products

Coin purses from PET bottle wrapping; 15 TL each.
Sale price: 15 TL + VAT each (~3.2EUR)
Pencil holder from scrap fabric, 35 TL each
Sale price: 35 TL +VAT each (~7.6 EUR)

Lavender cats from scrap fabric, hand embroidered, 40 TL each

Sale price: 40TL +VAT each (~8.7EUR)


Trade Name: Ishraqat
Legal Name: Suriyeli hanımlar derneği işrakat
Location:Istanbul – Gaziantep – Damascus suburb – Idleb and Aleppo suburb
Contact Name: Ranim mshantet

Our Story: Ishraqat is an independent association in regards of the Syrian woman and her social activities both inside the Syrian community and outside of it, to concern with the problems and needs of Syrian women, and to gather social activities organized for women under a roof and within the identity of Syrian community. We have three departments: physiological support, social support and microfinancing. Through microfinancing, we help Syrian women to open their own projects or to manage projects like tailoring – handmade work. We have more than 850 women beneficiaries.

Example Products

Towel 100% cotton with high quality and hand made nice embroidery

 Price : each piece 55 tl

Small table cover with hand made embroidery ( 2 peices price : 120 tl ) and its pillow( each pillow price 60 tl) the textile made of cotton and polyester
Table cover : linen textile with hand made embroidery ” 2 pieces ” available for 4 and 6 chairs

Price 135 tl

Women to Women Refugee Kitchen (OkDer)

Trade Name: Women to Women Refugee Kitchen (OkDer)
Legal Name: Okmeydani Sosyal Yardimlasma ve Dayanışma Derneği
Location: Okmeydanı, Şişli, İstanbul, Mahmut Şevket Paşa Mah. İmranlı Sokak No: 9
Contact Name: [email protected]

Our Story: As women whose journey began in Syria and reached so many different places, we have been building solidarity ever since our paths crossed in Okmeydanı. We have brought the Women to Women Refugee Kitchen to life through our relationships as neighbors which in turn lead to us earning our livelihoods through producing jams, pickles and catering products.

Example Products

Jams: Apple, Pumpkin, Grape, Pomegranate, Quince jams and Rosehip Marmelade
recommended donation price: 10 – 15TL (~2.50-3.50EUR)

Pickles: (Mixed)

recommended donation price: 15TL (~3.3 EUR)
Catering Menu: please contact us for special sandwiches, local Syrian dishes, desserts and other catering specials.
recommended donation price: starting from 9TL/per person (~2EURpp)

Small Projects Istanbul (SPI)

Trade Name: Small Projects Istanbul (SPI)
Legal Name: Zeytin Ağacı Derneği
Location: Istanbul Mevlanakapı Mahallesi, Karabaş Bostanı Sokak No:4, 34104 Fatih
Contact Name: Rahaf Saad

Our Story: Small Projects Istanbul is a grass-roots NGO operating in Istanbul – Turkey, supporting over 200 families displaced by conflict in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Through their Women’s Skills Development program, supplemental language and educational support programs, SPI is a space in which key tools are transferred to families, allowing them to integrate and develop a sense of belonging as they rebuild their lives in Istanbul and beyond. The Women’s Skills Development program, trains beneficiaries in leadership, financial literacy, and technical craft skills.

Example Products

Drop Earrings Not Bombs: Each pair is a display of creativity and design; a story told through the eyes of the person behind it.
Making the earrings provides space for community building, artistic expression and enables us to rediscover our self-value. 

Recommended donation price: 50TL (11EUR)    

The Jahiza range represents ultimate preparedness! Carrying a life, is a woman’s magic. A bag is not full of ‘things.’
Recommended donation price: 147TL (~32EUR)

Plant hanger: The Zehra range represents the roots that ground us and the blossoms of hope that have begun to surround us 

recommended donation price: 68TL (~15EUR) 

The responsibility to support these NGOs rest entirely with the persons making the contact. We cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from further contacts. Our web page is merely a window for these NGOs to present their activities and not an incentive to buy anything.