December 6, 2016



« I have a university degree and experience in my country but it is hard to find a good position here without the right contact. I need to network and be part of a community which can support me. »

  • FOR WHOM IS IT: JANA UP is  for young refugees below 35y old with an university degree or experience in accounting, legal, finance, marketing, coding, communication, engineering and webmaster


  • WHY WE ARE DOING IT: With the high employment rate, it is generally not easy to find a job when one does not come out from the top 3 Turkish schools. Most of the employers, beside graduate from these schools, will also take generally interns or hiring upon recommendations of people they know. Refugees, like any foreigners, have also the issue of needing a working permit and speaking less fluently the language. We would like to give them the opportunity to be more visible and in the long run to facilitate their employment.


  • THE PROJECT IN SHORT: JANA UP is a program to support these young refugees in integrating Turkish workforce through regular meetings with Turkish companies



    • We are currently identifying around 50 refugees with university degree or experience in accounting, legal, finance, marketing, communication, coding, engineer and webmaster
    • We will team up with at least 6 corporate firms who could (1) host one of the 6 workshops (2) provide around 5-6 Pro Bono professionals in these fields committed to come to these workshops during one year (6) (3) organise the content of 1 to 3 1.5h workshop
    • 6 workshops: These workshops will be organised every two months in the offices of one of our corporate partners (every time changing) from 18.30 to 21.30. They will be split in 3 parts
      • 18.30-19.00: Networking
      • 19.00-20.30: 6 workshops given in each field by the corporate employees to the refugees having the relevant diploma. So for example, there will be one session on accounting, one session on marketing, etc. These sessions can address Turkish specificities or just some case studies. At the end of the year, the refugees will have benefit from these six 1.5h workshops.  The aim is to keep them up to date with their field.
      • 20.30-21.30: network with everyone together to give the opportunity to someone from marketing to meet someone from legal for example. The aim is to bring visibility to the candidates



    • Do you have this program also for Turkish or other nationalities? at this stage, we are focusing with Jana on refugees. However, if the program is successful, we might think to extend it in 2018. If you have specific skills and you want to gain experience in the meanwhile, you can always register on the Pro Bono platform
    • I am not living in Istanbul, is that a problem? We have a small budget for transport cost but we are not sure we can really pay for a lot of people coming from somewhere else. If we are seeing we have a lot of candidates from a specific part of Turkey, we might approach corporate in that area to see whether they could be interested so please do fill the survey so that we can keep track of it.
    • My Turkish is not so good, is that a problem? We are aiming to organise the event in English. You should be able to speak English quite OK to follow up the workshop


  • PARTNERS: We are currently in discussion with some corporate firms interested in promoting integration of Syrian high skilled refugees into the Turkish workforce. We will add the participating firms once we will get their confirmation.



    • Are you a corporate and do you want to participate? Send us an email at [email protected]
    • Are you a refugee with a university degree or experience in the here-above field? Fill this survey and we will contact you soon.


  • REPORTING AND IMPACT: We just started the project but we hope we can soon fill this place with reporting, survey we conducted and all the documents we used. Feel free to use them as well or let us know if you think we should improve some part of it:

    • How are we going to measure our impact
    • Results of our beneficiary survey
    • Results of the expectations of corporate firms
    • Results of the expectations of the Employees participating
    • Report and Impact measurement

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