December 6, 2016


“I would like to learn how to manage my family and my business budget/finances and to understand the banking system in Turkey”

  • WHY WE ARE DOING IT: Our JANA programs are based on savings or developing one’s own budget. We are seeing however that most of the time, our beneficiaries are not familiar with the notion of budgeting or the consequences of borrowing. We think our JANA BIZ and JANA SAVE would be much more successful if we couple them with a financial literacy program.


  • THE PROJECT IN SHORT: JANA LEARN is a 1 year program to support the JANA SAVE and JANA BIZ communities with workshop on budgeting, saving, spending and potentially basis to set up a small business


  • FOR WHOM IS IT: JANA LEARN is mainly at the beginning for the participants to JANA SAVE and JANA BIZ. In the long run, it is aimed at anyone interested.


  • HOW WE ARE DOING IT? At this stage, we are still developing this program. Here is the idea

    • Content: the idea is to have 6 sessions of 3 hours. They will be given every two months. They will cover
      • Budgeting
      • Saving
      • Loan products
      • Danger of loan indebtedness
      • Microinsurance
      • Basis of accounting and business plan to set up business
    • Format: a discussion format with “homework”, we want real experience and also discussion on the difficulties to save or to budget. We would like all the participants to keep budgeting during a full year to make sure they will understand it
    • Language: Turkish and Arabic
    • Trainers: we will train Arabic and Turkish speaker with master in finance ,located in the area of our programs to give these trainings.



    • I am not part of JANA SAVE and JANA BIZ, can I participate? At this stage, we are only offering the program to the beneficiaries of JANA BIZ and JANA SAVE. If there is enough interest, we could offer if in 2018 more widely
    • I only want to come to the session of the accounting,  is this possible? We would encourage you to start at the same moment as everyone in our group. We want to create strong communities which can support each other so it is important to join all the meetings.


  • OUR PARTNERS IN THIS PROGRAM: We are currently developing this program. We will update the various parts once we are further. If you are interested to participate as corporate and help us develop the program, send us an email.

    • Funders:
    • Partners to develop the program:
    • Partners to implement the program
    • Our trainers


  • REPORTING AND IMPACT: We just started the project but we hope we can soon fill this place with reporting, survey we conducted and all the documents we used. Feel free to use them as well or let us know if you think we should improve some part of it:
    • Results on financial literacy survey conducted on the participants to JANA SAVE
    • Mapping of the existing provider of Financial literacy in Turkey and abroad